Sew Loft Patterns – Download Here

Download Sew Loft Patterns for free here

A while back I started writing a post about the sad disappearance of Sew Loft, but I never finished it. While I was working on the post, I thought, “what if I could get copies of all Sew Loft’s patterns? And then share them with sewists everywhere!?” So I tracked down Sew Loft’s creator, Lauren Elbert. She created both websites and graciously gave me permission to share copies of her patterns on Hoopes Park Studios. I’m happy to announce that from now on, Hoopes Park Studios will be hosting the Sew Loft womenswear pattern library. All patterns are available for free on dropbox. Click on the image above, below, or in the side bar to access them. Or click here!

*Update- Hey guys! Please consider donating $1-5 to help with hosting fees for this website and Dropbox- keeping so many files around gets expensive!*

Download Sew Loft Patterns for free here

I hope you enjoy sewing these patterns as much as I did. If you want to find Lauren Elbert now, she is designing children’s clothing at Sadi and Sam Patterns. Please email me with any questions or concerns. Here’s to the #SewLoftRevival !

Keep Sew Loft alive! Please donate to help with hosting fees for this website and Dropbox. Click the button below to donate

14 Responses to Sew Loft Patterns – Download Here

  1. that is so wonderful of you to do that, to help keep all the work from Sew Loft alive! Indie businesses are really tough, I don’t think enough people talk about how much struggle and competition there is.

  2. That’s fantastic that you are hosting the Sew Loft patterns! A shame that it didn’t work out for their business, I agree with the previous comment that there is so much competition out there.

  3. Thank you Ms. Lauren Elbert for your generosity, and Claire for setting this all up. Maybe a tip jar of sorts can be set up for Ms. Elbert for those who would like to donate whatever amount they are willing to give for the free download of her creations payable via pay pal.

  4. Do you happen to know if there are any places where people have shown off what they’ve made using her patterns? I think it’d be really cool to see some of these brought to life.

    • Me too! I think it would be great to add a link-up to this page (but I’m having a little trouble figuring out how). If you know of any links, I can share them on the blog, or people can post projects in the comments.

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