Sewn // Tiny polka dots on a little cami


I’m on a roll with these free patterns. This is the Diana camisole from Sew Loft. It has a bit of a story behind it.

*Update- Sew Loft no longer exists online. Click here to download the Diana Camisole pattern and the rest of the Sew Loft pattern library. These patterns are shared with the permission of Sew Loft’s creator*

I was seriously lusting after this cami from J Crew but it is $$. I tried it on at the store, but it definitely did not fit me nicely like it did the model.  So I went searching for a pattern and fabric to make my own. Looking at the two tops side by side, you can see the huge difference in their shapes! I think this picture illustrates how poorly RTW clothes fit me. Not only is my cami shorter, but it is straighter, wider, and has bust darts. All this to accommodate my petite-ness and curvy-ness.

carrie cami compare

Once again I made a lot of modifications to the original pattern. This is a size 4 with a full-busted adjustment and bust darts. I also raised the front neckline an inch, but it is still pretty low. Took me 3 muslins to get the fit right, and I’m happy I stuck with it. I’ve been wearing this top all the time. It catches the breeze in just the right way and keeps me cool in this Philly heat.


The fabric is a silky synthetic something from Joann fabrics (I should start taking notes from the bolts so I can remember what kind of fabric I bought). It was quite sheer so I self-lined the front but not the back. The construction of this top was NOT easy (as purported by the pattern). The instructions were really confusing (but the pattern was free, so it’s all good) and didn’t work with such a delicate fabric so I eventually gave up and did it my way. First I sewed the bust darts and hemmed the top edge of the back. Then, I burrito’d the side seams by sandwiching the back piece in between the two front pieces. Once pinned, I sewed the side seams and front neckline all at once (making sure to catch the straps in front). Then I flipped the whole thing right side out.  All that was left after that was attaching the straps to the back and hemming the shirt. Doesn’t that seamless neckline look GOOD?!


And again, bra straps. Welcome to my life of bustyness. But look at my ripped shoulders! They look so strong yay. I digress- last thing is that I ran a blind hem around the bottom of the shirt using my newly discovered blind hem foot!

I spent about $15 on fabric for this top, so compared to the $70 J Crew top, it’s a steal!


All photos courtesy of Brittany Frisch Photography. She is an amazing photographer for all your family portrait, graduation, engagement, and wedding photography needs, and she travels.

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  1. That looks like the perfect cami! I’ve been meaning to try out this pattern – I have a nani iro remnant that I’m hoping is just big enough to eke out a camisole. It sounds like I should make a muslin first though!

  2. […] It’s a sad thing when an indie pattern company shuts down. We sewists and bloggers root for indie pattern companies that open up the sewing pattern market and cater to more modern tastes. Sew Loft patterns (formerly Spit-up and Stilettos) was one such pattern company.  It offered many popular patterns for free, including the Diana Cami, which I’ve linked to in a past post. […]

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