Knit // Striped Socks- still small

self-drafted striped socks

Remember those fairisle socks I was working on in January? They’re done! (They’ve been done for a while) I can fit my feet into them! But they’re still a little small- I guess that is what you get when you only swatch one of your two yarns. They fit okay, except for the part just above the heel- too tight. Not sure what I did wrong there- maybe knit the heel too tightly? I’ve worn them ~3 times, and they’ve stretched out a tiny tiny bit (but I might just give them to someone with smaller feet than I rather than endure future foot constriction- anyone want to trade?). They’re so preeetyyyy.

*Update 8/31/16: The socks found a home in Montreal on the size 6 feet of a farmer friend. I also figured out why they were so tight around my ankle- I added stitches to the gusset just before I turned the heel. This made the heel flap taller, and reduced the amount of stretch in that section of the sock. Next time  I’ll make a shorter heel flap.*

Self-drafted knitted socks

I knit them on US size 1 needles with a self-striping, sport weight, wool/nylon blend from a local yarn store and some scraps of some pink Odyssey yarn from the Verdant Gryphon. I’m so into the southwestern vibe of the tuscan red and beige and brown stripes- just fantastic. Reminds me of family vacations to Nevada when I was younger. There’s a little left, so I might knit another pair next winter if I can find something nice that coordinates as well as the pink does.

Sad they don’t fit. Happy they’re done! Not bad for my first try at knitting socks freehand.


knitted socks

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  1. So close!! I love colours and the pattern. Perhaps you can gift them to someone with really small feet that appreciates hand knits *ahem-myfeetareasize6-coughcough*. What could I make you to trade? A stripey Hemlock perhaps? Email me if you want to work something out. 🙂

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