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Well folks, sewing machine breakage has thrown a wrench into my “sew one thing a week” plans. The automatic cutter stopped working (first world problems, I know), and it was high time for a service visit, so off to the shop it went. And it will be another 2-3 weeks until it’s back… in total that’s a 4-5 week wait time. I have managed to cut out about every project I’m going to make for the next year (not really, just kidding. But I have been doing a lot of all the things I can do without a sewing machine, i.e. cutting out pattern and fabric pieces, assembling notions, and pinning to make “sewing kits” for when my machine returns).

I did manage to convince a friend to let me borrow her sewing machine for a weekend, thus I made this cozy flannel number. It’s yet another Marilla Walker pattern! Are you surprised? You shouldn’t be. In true Marilla style I hand-sewed the button holes. Fabric is from Joanns, buttons are from Creative Reuse.

Isca view A

Alterations to the pattern: Left off the collar, widened the neckline slightly and finished with a self-drafted facing. Shortened the skirt by about 10 inches.

Again, LOVE the pattern. This is view A of the Isca Shirtdress, size 3. I will be making view B at some point.

But I digress. The lap-finished seams make the inside of the dress so neat! I could almost wear it inside-out. The sleeve length is perfect, the pockets are nice and deep, and the detailing on the front looks super cool. I used a blue satin for the shoulder reinforcements and pocket insides. It’s slippery, so it keeps the flannel from sticking to itself or whatever I’m wearing underneath so I’m not constantly readjusting.  I’m glad I went with my gut and made the dress in PJ flannel (I was worried that it would end up looking like a nightgown but I happily don’t think it does), because it keeps me warm.


Isca pockets

It’s also REALLY cold in Pittsburgh (too cold to put my coat down and apparently snowing while we took these pictures), but I convinced my roommate to come outside with me for a very brief photo opportunity. Thank you!

Isca view A

Parting makes the heart grow fonder, right? I can’t help thinking about how much I have used sewing as a coping tool since moving here. More so in the winter. Even more so since I started grad school and several times weekly need some deep distraction. The current lack of sewing machine situation is something I’m looking forward to the end of. Patience, Claire, patience.


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  1. This looks so lovely on you!! I love the shorter length too. And I’m with you on sewing as a coping mechanism. I read a great quote recently, attributed to the artist Louise Bourgeois ‘Sewing is an act of emotional repair’ it’s certainly been true for me too.

    • I LOVE that quote. Thanks so much for sharing! Since this post the stack of “sewing kits” has expanded to include a pair of overalls and another dress. I certainly have my work cut out for me (pun intended)!

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