Sewn // American Apparel Copycat Dress

After writing this post, I realized how little documentation my sewing projects have gotten the past couple years. Every knitting project makes it to the blog, but many of my sewing (and other craft) projects go undocumented. So to appease my guilty conscience, here are three projects in one post!

The first is this green dress. I had bought the exact same dress from American Apparel during their going out of business sale this year. It’s orange, and I wear it so much that I decided another version was in order. I traced the dress, trued the pattern lines, cut and sewed the dress in under 2 hours. It’s a super simple dress but a good winter basic with leggings and a long sweater. Fabric is an olive green sweatshirt knit from All inside seams are serged. I finished the neckline with a small facing and topstitched with a straight stitch. Cuffs and hem are finished with a narrow zig-zag and my walking foot.

Second project is this coat. I found it at the thrift store. It was in great shape but the sleeves were way too long (and despite what that price tag says, I didn’t pay $38 for it (I actually paid quite a bit less)).

I shortened them using the following process:

  1. unpicked the seam between lining and cuff
  2. cut the coat fabric approx 2.5 inches shorter (the length I wanted the cuffs to be, adding some extra to turn under to attach to the lining)
  3. cut the lining fabric also by 2.5 inches
  4. slipstitched the lining to the coat fabric
  5. tacked the new cuff to the sleeve side seams to keep them in place

Ta daa

Last but not least is this necklace I made:

I usually wear them together like this:

Stay warm and happy new year!

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  1. Happy New Year Claire! Your dress looks great, a real staple too I’d imagine. You’ve done such a good job on that coat too, you’d never know you’d adjusted the seams!

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