Praise for the mental benefits of knitting

the mental benefits of knitting

Imagine me laying in a coffin-sized bunk in the crowded crew quarters of a 90-year-old schooner, curled up around needles and yarn. It’s the evening, and I’m off after a long day of sailing and sun. There’s only a curtain for privacy between me and the 6 people I share this room with, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. When I decided to go sailing, I knew I needed something to mark the place between chapters in my life. So I packed a bag, making sure to include my knitting, and headed to the sea.  Those down hours on the boat, the quiet between the busy, mostly spent knitting, helped me process leaving Virginia and ready myself mentally to start anew in Pittsburgh. It made the time without internet or TV for 10 days not only bearable, but enjoyable. Thank you knitting for being there for me.

the mental benefits of knitting

Time passes so quickly. It has already been a month since my last post and two months since I made the decision to upend my life and leave Virginia. Since my last post I’ve moved to Pittsburgh, gone sailing, took a mini road trip, started a new job and moved into an apartment that needed some work to update. My sewing machines are still packed away. But other things are coming along. I knit when I itch to sew. Carpet has been pulled up and functional internet lines installed.

I am finally knitting a project that is NOT SOCKS!! It’s a shawl thing from Brooklyn Tweed, the Guernsey Triangle. Scarves are a different beast than socks, a different emotional experience. The closer I get to finishing this scarf, the longer the rows get, and the less I feel like I am approaching the finish line. When I knit socks, I can easily see their progression. With this scarf, I have to trust it will work out.  I trust that I will have enough yarn. I trust that when I finally cast off and block it, that it will be big enough for me to wear wrapped around my neck at least once. It’s a reminder to trust myself. To trust that in this new city, with my new job, quiet apartment, and (hopefully soon) new friends, I can make it work and that things will get better.

the mental benefits of knitting

the mental benefits of knitting

6 Responses to Praise for the mental benefits of knitting

  1. Welcome to Pittsburgh! You made a great and very wise choice. And with the support of family and friends you are going to enjoy this new adventure to the fullest. Welcome aboard, glad to have you with us.

  2. Wow! You’ve been busy! You are such a sweet person, I’m sure you will have lots of new friends before you know it! Love your knitting!

    • Thanks for the encouragement Heather! It has been an incredible boon to have family in the area- they’ve introduced me to lot of new people.
      P.S I love the coat you made- nice fabric and great fit

  3. I was reading this thinking how lovely your unplugging sounds, not to mention the sailing! Good luck in your new city, I’m sure you’ll make new friends quickly. I had a day sewing with blogging/instagram pals on Sunday – it was lovely to meet them in real life, and so therapeutic to have 5 hours of sewing! Maybe you’ll find some new sewing/knitting pals in Pittsburgh.

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