Knit // Stitch Block Cowl

Stitch block cowl

Last holiday gift! Oh, you know how sometimes those knitting projects drag on. I meant to have it done in December but didn’t finish until the end of January. Better late than never. This is the stitch block cowl from Purl Soho. I used Lion Brand Wool Ease yarn (warm and wooly but doesn’t break the bank). When I started it was turning out super huge! and would have eaten up the required amount of yarn without making the scarf long enough. I was knitting to gauge, so I frogged it and adjusted the width (it says cast on something like 51 stitches but I only cast on 41). Generally I’m not a fan of making scarves, but this was worth it. The pattern at least changes every 20 inches or so to keep it interesting. And it was a learning process getting used to knitting larger yarn on larger needles, and learning the three different stitch blocks. I’m pleased with how it turned out, and it’s finally on its way to its intended recipient in Colorado.

And my sewing machine has officially been in the shop for 5 weeks as of today.

Stitch block cowlStitch block cowl

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