Knit // Triangle Socks

Since I now have exactly one brother in law, I figured I had better knit him a pair of socks to welcome him to the family. And, conveniently enough, the time that those socks got finished happened to coincide with the holidays… I figured why not kill two birds with one stone ? 😉

Brief deets:

  • Fingering weight yarn
  • Size 0 needles
  • knit stockinette two-at-a-time and toe-up until I got to the triangles
  • Triangles are knit in short rows similar to this pattern (flying geese), except that I omitted the slipped stitches every time I wrapped a row to make a taller triangle.
  • Rib at the top is K2, P2.
  • Afterthought heel (using these instructions)

They turned out really nice and thick and squishy. Which is good because he does a lot of hiking and biking. By this time he has received them in the mail and I hope he likes them.

I hope I knit them big enough (here is a comparison of one of my socks next to his).

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