Knit // Pussyhats and Baby Socks

Well it’s been a productive month of knitting small things and enduring enjoying unseasonably warm weather here in Pittsburgh (srsly I just want like 1 week of COLD before spring weather plz). Althought it’s been almost too warm for hats, I knit a couple Pussyhats. I had at least one interaction where, when someone asked me what I was knitting, I said, “A Pussyhat” and they said “But it doesn’t look like a vagina!” Hardee har har. Both the hats I knit went to friends who, like myself, also missed the Womens’ March in DC, but better late than never!

Another hat on its way soon @p_ssyhatproject #knittingisfun #craftivism

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This also marks the occasion of my first post about non-sock-related knitting! Hats are easy and fast to knit. Much easier and faster than socks. Why have I not discovered this until now? I have often wished for the power to knit faster so I could make more knitted objects as gifts. Hats are the secret. Must knit moar hats!

Encore une fois. #p_ssyhatproject

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And I knit a couple pairs of baby socks for friends who are expecting (or who have already been parents for almost 6 months… whoops late again…). Feast your eyes on the products of my nimble fingers.

MOAR bebe socks (sharpie for size comparison) #knittingisfun #knittingforkids

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  1. Aww your baby socks are so cute! I love those yellow ones. Your hats are great too, it must have been nice to have been able to contribute in some way when you couldn’t make the actual march. I didn’t make the London one either unfortunately.

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