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Hermione's Everyday socks

The sock saga continues, combining one of the most popular sock patterns on Ravelry with my love of toe-up sock knitting. I reversed the Hermione’s Everyday Socks free pattern (instructions below) and proceeded to knit these socks toe-up and two-at-a-time. I used the Beekeeper Self-Striping Yarn from Turtlepurl (it is designed for striped socks and comes in two little skeins. I also used a 32″ long, US size 0 circular needle. This made for some dense (but not bulky) socks that are warm but still fit into regular shoes comfortably.

*Click here to see another version of these socks in sport weight yarn and read about modifications to the pattern*

Hermione's Everyday Socks Toe-Up

Hermione’s Everyday Socks, Toe-up version

design credit to Erica Lueder, original sock pattern can be found here

Using JMCO, CO 24 sts (if you want to do two socks at the same time, here’s how to start). There will be 12 stitches to start on each needle for one sock. If you’re knitting two at the same time, remember to drop your yarn at the end of one sock and pick up the yarn for the other.
Row 1: knit all on both needles
Row 2: needle 1- K1, make 1 (M1), Knit to last st, M1, K1
needle 2- repeat needle 1
Continue to alternate rows 1 and 2 until you have 32 sts on each needle (64 sts total).

texture pattern
Work in texture pattern across needle 1 (the top of the sock), and knit across needle 2 (the bottom of the sock). Continue until you have knit the desired length of the foot (three inches less than the finished length of the sock).

Hermione's Everyday Socks Toe-Up
Begin gusset increases as follows
Row 1: needle 1- work across in texture pattern
needle 2- K1, M1, place marker, knit to last stitch, place marker, M1, K1
Row 2: needle 1- work across in pattern
needle 2- knit across
continue repeating rows 1 and 2 until you have knit 12 gusset increases on each end of needle 2, for 56 stitches total on needle 2. There will still be 32 stitches on needle 1.

Hermione's Everyday Socks Toe-Up
Heel turn
*knit the entire heel turn and heel flap for one sock before moving on to the second sock*
Knit to the first marker, wrap stitch, turn. Then begin to knit in short rows.
Knit to the next marker, wrap stitch, turn. Purl to the first marker, wrap stitch, turn.
Knit to 1 before the last wrapped stitch, wrap next stitch, turn. Purl to 1 before the last wrapped stitch, wrap next stitch, turn.
Continue to knit in short rows, wrapping a stitch at the end of each row until you have 7 wrapped stitches on each side of the heel turn (this makes a trapezoid shape with wrapped stitches on the sides).
Heel flap
After the last row of purls, turn and [slip 1, knit 1] to 1 stitch before the marker, continuing to knit through the wrapped stitches (make sure you knit the wrap together with the stitch). At the last wrapped stitch, remove the marker and knit the last wrapped stitch (and its wrap) together with the first gusset stitch. Turn. Purl across the heel and down the other side of the turned heel (through the wrapped stitches). Remove marker and purl the last wrapped stitch with the first gusset stitch through the back loop.
Right side: [Slip 1, knit 1] to one before the last stitch, and then knit two together (the last heel flap stitch with the next gusset stitch.
Wrong side: slip 1, purl across to the last stitch, purl two together through the back loop.
Repeat these two rows  (right and wrong sides) until you have 32 stitches left on needle 2 (you may not use all of the gusset increases).
Knit around both needles in texture pattern. When you have reached the desired leg length, knit 2 inches of ribbing (K1 through the back loop, purl 1). Cast off and weave ends in.

Hermione's Everyday Socks Toe up

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    • The first turn is from a RS to a WS row, so you start on the RS, knit to the last stitch before the marker, wrap that last stitch, and then turn. Then purl across the WS until you get to the last stitch before the marker, wrap that stitch, and turn back to the RS. Hope that helps.

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