Celtic knots

celtic knot

So celtic knots- nearly impossible to draw- right? Wrong! Here is the easiest way ever to draw them. I learned this at summer camp when I was a kid. I found my old drawings when I was cleaning out my art supplies recently.

Start with a basic rectangle of diagonal dots:

basic knot

Then you fill it in, according to the rules.
The rules (illustration below):

  1. Draw a rectangle of offset dots. One side of your rectangle or square should have an even number of dots and one side should have an odd number.
  2. Start to fill in diagonal lines going in one direction
  3. Finish drawing the diagonal lines in the same direction
  4. Draw diagonal lines in the opposite direction
  5. Connect the lines along the walls
  6. Connect the lines along the corners
  7. Color in between the lines

This is what the progression of your knot should look like:
the rules


I drew my knot with thick lines, but you can also make thinner lines for a looser knot.
skinny knot

The smallest knot you can draw is a 3×3 square:

smallest knot

Once you feel comfortable with the basic knot, it’s time to get fancy.
First, you can add lines to make extra edges in your knot. Just connect the lines between two vertical or two horizontal dots:
extra edges knot

You can also draw bigger knots, and draw perpendicular lines connecting dots. This will make extra corners in the middle of your knot:
big knotOnce you have mastered square knots, you can branch out! I made this “J” knot to put on the front of a card for a friend’s birthday:

J knot

I traced it onto a clean sheet of paper and then colored it in!j knot outline

J knot coloreod

Just have fun with it. Remember the rules, and if all else fails, you can always erase and start over. Have fun!

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