Sewn // Cabernet Cardigan


Cabernet cardigan

Oh look I sewed something again! Finally fall is in the air, the weather is cooling off and I just happened to have the Cabernet Cardigan in my stash. I had been planning to make it in a black and white striped sweater knit, but as I was going through my stash I realized I had something better. This fabric is from a trip to the LA fabric district (years ago). It’s sort of a lightweight fuzzy sweatshirt (knit) material.

Let me sing the praises of this pattern- the drafting is absolutely perfect. Between FBA, swayback, and petite adjustments I’m usually up to my elbows in modifications. But the ONLY modification I had to make to the Cabernet was to slim down the arms (and then only for personal preference). I made version A, which is long and boxy. I wanted the body to be boxy but the arms to be slim so I pinched the excess fabric out, pinned and serged a new seam along each sleeve once I tried it on.

Buttons are from a huge pack of buttons from the thrift store. I flipped the fabric and put the wrong side facing out for the cuffs and neckline. The neckline piece is interfaced with a medium-weight fusible interfacing.  I matched stripes using this method from Workroom Social.

Cabernet Cardigan

I didn’t add pockets but I think I might in the future. The other thing I would change about construction would be to lengthen the neckline piece- I shortened it and didn’t need to. There are some diagonal whiskers from the bust down to the bottom band but they would go away if the neckline piece was the correct length.

But ERMAGERD this is a great pattern. I’ll probably make it again once I find fabric I like. And I’m going to keep SBCC patterns in mind for the next time I’m looking for a pattern. Not having to make petite modifications to the pattern made this project go so so smoothly and amped up my sewing mojo. It feels empowering to have something to show for my creative time lately. Sewing is still on the slow track as knitting has taken the forefront of my attention.

Cabernet cardigan

Cabernet cardigan

12 Responses to Sewn // Cabernet Cardigan

  1. What a fab knit! I assumed you’d knitted it from the preview on my blog roll,
    but it’s gorgeous! Definitely a great fit on you and she also has a free t-shirt pattern I think that would be great on you x

  2. I love it!! I had this pattern in my cart but then decided against it as I have so many patterns already, but you may have just pushed me over the edge. Your fabric looks perfect for it! I love the stripes and it looks nice and cosy for fall!

  3. Ooh this looks great! I love the fabric you used, and using the plain side for the band gives it a really nice finish. I just bought the Jalie drop pocket Cardigan but am struggling to find nice cosy sweatshirt knits to make it up in.

    • I’d recommend Girl Charlee’s French Terry (link here). I’ve made two sweatshirts from it and it is delightful. They have a much bigger selection this year than last year, including stripes!

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